Bear Attacks Are Skyrocketing In America

Attacks by Predators on Humans, especially bear attacks are happening more than you know. The govt. does not want you to know why, Animals rights activists want the information suppressed, wildlife control wants to keep it a secret. You deserve to know the truth!

4 Seconds Until Impact tells you what they don’t want you to know.
~ Snare Trap Survive ~

Another good review of 4 Seconds Until Impact done by Prepper Journal.

Subtitled “The Skyrocketing Attacks by Predators on Humans” the book is Bruce Buckshot Hemming’ latest and is already available on Amazon. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy, verified by the sprinkling of typos, and have just finished reading it.

snares for coyotes

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Author: Wild Bill

I want to make a statement here that I am an impossible reader. I love to read and love books but it has been so long since one has even captured my attention, let alone been read before being donated to some charity. But as soon as I heard about this one I was interested. I have been to many wild places and seen almost every one of the creatures featured in this book out in the open, mano a mano. But, to be frank, I was never without a weapon – I made sure of that, even when exposing that fact would get me in a little room with angry people. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. The one creature I have not seen in its natural habitat is a wolf. I heard them while hiking the Lava Creek Trail near Yellowstone and I was told by a guide at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park that a pack had been spotted in the area just two days before we arrived, but have only seen them in zoos.

When I was traveling through Alaska I picked up a book on bear attacks in the train station in Fairbanks. It was just a collection of first and second hand stories of encounters. I was entertained.

That was not this book. While those are certainly sprinkled generously throughout for the different encounters the book has a message, a strong one on lessons learned but either forgotten or replaced. A justification for its premise and for changes in our most basic thinking when it comes to dealing with real predators in THEIR environments and ours as well. It presents the current state of things and a realistic look at the future should we continue down our current path.

Engaging, to the point, and focused. I am now a fan of this author and highly recommend every prepper read this book as it has a lot of valuable information on the reality of being off the grid and understanding how off the grid is not safe from the manipulations of the government.


All writers of non-fiction now deal in a world controlled by Google and the government. This is not a negative on the part of the authors or the book but rather the reality of looking for history and detail on events past in a world where history is either ignored, rewritten or an afterthought, the reporters and their publisher lost interest. The quality of information is excellent and the author makes every effort to complete the story and notes where the trails went cold; the book does not suffer from this reality. Worth your time and your dime.

A Word From Snare Trap Survive:
Attacks by Predators on Humans happen when they are least expected. Every outdoorsman and wildlife enthusiast needs to read this book. They need to understand the why and how of predator attacks. The information contained in this book could save your life.

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Editors Note –
In the last few months since posting this article we have seen bear attacks happening nearly every month. It is time that the people begin to realize that these are not cuddly friends of the forest, these are vicious predators. We MUST begin to spread the word and help stop the insanity that is taking place among our younger generation. You simply cannot expect a wild creature to not attack when to approach it or try to do selfies with it. There is no such thing as safe and peaceful coexisting with wild animals.