Bear Attacks Are On The Rise

Bear Attacks and other animal attacks are on the rise. Is there a reason behind this trend? Could your life be in danger? Do you know the steps you need to take to reduce your chances of being attacked? This article discusses those points and more. Learn the real truth behind why these attacks are increasing.

Mountain Lion Attacks Washington Boy

Update, June 5th, 2019
Definitely not bear related but a case to show that these indeed happen on regular basis. A four-year-old boy suffered minor serious injuries after a mountain lion attacked while visiting a park with his family in Washington state.. It happened in Leavenworth, a small town in west-central Washington about 100 miles east of Seattle.

The cougar came out, and knocked the young boy down,” stated Michael Jewell of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The family canines came to the rescue scaring the predator away shortly after the initial encounter. One week earlier, a mountain lion attacked a young boy at an urban park in California. A mountain lion also killed a bicyclist about 30 miles east of Seattle in 2018. Due to the extreme range of the animals it is very possible this is the same animal responsible for those attacks. Mountain lions can cover over 300 square miles of territory and some have been known to cover as much as 500 square miles.

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My article is primarily to raise awareness of Bear attacks and Wolf attacks but after some consideration, I wish to present more that just bear and wolf attacks in this article. Cougar attacks are becoming more common place now, coyote attacks are rising and now we are seeing the feral hog attacks coming to light. Why is this happening? Let’s dive in and find the answer.

Back in August of 1967 two young 19 year old women were mauled to death during two different grizzly attacks inside Glacier National park.  Here is the Article on the grizzly attacks. Why was it National headlines for weeks on end?. The Park was founded in 1910 and never had a single serious bear problem. Both women were horribly mauled by the grizzly. At the time, wildlife biologist told the truth in that bears are not required in the ecosystem. There was then talk of total extermination of grizzly in the lower 48.

People eventually calmed down over the grizzly attacks and the bears remained protected. Today 52 years later what happened?  Instead of a peaceful coexistence we find a battlefield of torn bodies, dead bears,people mauled to death in bear attacks. Let’s Look at some of the other headlines on bear attacks.

Bear Attacks In Yellowstone

Sept 18th 2019

Three hunters were mauled by a grizzly bear attack in two separate cases on the same day. All three men suffered moderate to severe injuries from the attacks that took place in the Gravelly Mountains according to wildlife officials. It is not known if this was the same bear in both attacks or not. The attacks happened 12 hours apart giving suspicion that it may in fact have been the same one.

I the first attack a bear charged two men in the mountain range around 07:30 am. One man used bear spray to deter the bear who was already on top of his friend, according to a worker at a local outdoor shop the men visited later that day. The two men said the bear was upon them before they could do anything (4 Seconds Until Impact)

The third man was attacked around 6:30 pm while hunting with a friend who was not harmed. They drove the bear away and the injured man was treated in the town of Sheridan then transferred to Butte. Both bear attacks remain under investigation.

August, 24th 2018

Recently there was a report of a bear attacking a 10 year old in Yellowstone National Park. The bear attacked and injured the child as he was hiking with family along a trail within the park. The unidentified family of four were hiking along the Divide Trail near Old faithful when the bear charged them. The boy tried to run which is a critical mistake in a bear charge. Sometime the charge is meant to scare the prey but running will surely trigger an attack. The child’s parents used bear spray to deter the bear tus saving the child’s life. The child suffered puncture wounds to his back and buttocks among other minor scrapes according to park officials. Offocials stated it is unclear what type of bear attacked the child and they are currently investigating the incident.


Teen survives bear attack south of Ennis.

Grizzly Bear Attack turned dreams into nightmares.

bear attacks

Hunting guide killed in grizzly attack in Wyoming. One thing we find after reading about hundreds of predator attacks and talking to survivors is one common theme which is “4 Seconds Until Impact”. Your whole life can come down to those 4 Seconds in how you react when a bear attacks.. Proper training and practice can save your life or the lives of your family.

Wolf attacks are no different. Red Lake woman injured in suspected wolf attack. I bet you never heard about that attack did you? Wolves do attack people in fact several North American wolf attacks are documented in my book 4 Seconds Until Impact. So the question then arises, why the big cover up on wolf attacks?

You have to understand one thing. There is big money spreading wolves to every state (except Hawaii).  You see, the animal rights groups get filthy rich suing the taxpayers. The general public, if they learn the truth, might not support the agenda of spreading wolves to every state so the desired method is to cover it up and keep it quiet.

So what about Coyote attacks you ask? Well here is one from recent headlines you may recall. Florida man uses coffee cup to fight off wild coyote. Coyote attacks are happening more and more often. A teenage girl in Massachusetts said she thought she was going to die during a coyote attack. 

Look at the picture (left) of the young child that survived a coyote attacks. Some of the untruths is the statement it is “exceptionally rare”. That is what they want you to believe.

Can we continue to see such horrible cases? When will we start to see the truth and actually do something to eliminate this problem. When I look at the child in this picture, I scream in rage that the world is not seeing the horrific truth.


Beaver attacks two people swimming.  This was spread across Facebook with pictures of the victims. So as you see there are many more animal attacks than most people hear of unless they perform a diligent search. When searched properly it becomes alarmingly evident that animal attacks are increasing so again we must ask ourselves why?

We frequently hear about this magical fairy tale land of natural balance. That man is not part of the ecosystem. Let’s do some fact checking on this.

In Hawaii they had a problem with rats. The new age biologists came up with this natural predator nonsense.  Their cure? To Import mongoose to naturally control the rats. The mongoose is like large mink. How did this great plan work? The mongoose hunt during the day, the rats sleep in the day therefore no effect on rat populations.  Problem created, Mongoose are now wiping out endangered birds.

The same thing happened with wolves. For 20 years we have been hearing about the magical wolves and the ecosystem restored blah, blah, blah. What is the truth here?. The last of the critical endangered woodland caribou in the lower 48 was wiped out by wolves. Yes you read that right. Wolves slaughtered them off so we protected one to kill off another. What do predators do when their primary food source is gone? Yep you guessed it right. They find other sources of food even if it’s in your backyard. This equates to increased animal attacks when they are put in close proximity to humans and food sources depleted.

For the last 40 years we have been bombarded with hug a predator nonsense. People no longer hunt them or they are protected from hunting. Generation after generations of predators overpopulated and nothing to fear from man. So let’s test the waters.

One of the themes I found is the 3 phase attack. This is especially true in bear attacks. This is covered in detail in the book 4 Seconds Until Impact. The first phase called prey testing. This is where the animal is not sure how to attack a person. They are easily driven off by fighting back.

Second phase prey tasting. This is where the predator is now more bolden due to no negative repercussion from the first attack. They actually bite into and eat part of the victims. In this phase they are still a little unsure and can be driven off.

Third and final stage is prey eating. This of course is the most deadly predator attack. The predator is now fully committed to killing and eating you and has very little fear of you if any at all.

The bottom line here is this is all being kept quiet. It is we the people, those concerned for the safety of others, who dig until we find the truth behind this. You should not be surprised to find that its about the dollar and the lunatic idea that we can call these creatures furry friends of the forest. They are predators plain and simple. Animal attacks will continue until we change this mindset.

The only book ever published to accurately predict the increase in wild animal attacks is 4 Second Until Impact.  We must educated the public on why these attacks are happening and educate the people. Overpopulation of predators with no fear of man equals skyrocketing attacks. You might know of some of the attacks but this book details the numerous attacks across the country. They say knowledge is power. In this case knowledge can be life saving.

Interested in learning more about the increasing animal attacks? Get 4 Seconds Until Impact now, what you learn here could save your life.

Bear Attack Update: 

April 17th 2019
A 17-year-old boy was attacked by a bear Sunday while he searched for shed antlers in Montana, but escaped with relatively minor injuries. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the unidentified male and his family were vacationing in a cabin south of Ennis. The teen “was walking down a hill around 2 p.m. when he heard a ‘thump’ behind him,” FWP stated in a news release issued Monday. “He turned around to see a bear charging at him.” The teen was carrying bear spray but could not react before the initial impact. The teen eventually managed to deploy the spray causing the bear to flee.

May 8th, 2019
Dog killed in brown bear attack.  The same bear is believed to have shown aggressive behavior towards hikers on another trail the following day. Linda Behnken, resident of the area, called Sitka Police at about 8:45 a.m. Saturday morning from the Mt. Verstovia trail. Behnken told KCAW that she and her female husky/shepherd mix Rascal, along with a friend’s golden retriever, were descending the trail on the lower third of the mountain, when they came around a switchback they encountered the large male brown bear which was coming up. She continued to say that Rascal immediately got between the bear and herself, and forced it back into the brush. Behnken, a veteran trail runner, says that this was not the first time she and Rascal had encountered bears on Sitka’s trails, nor was it the first time that Rascal had intervened in this way. This time, however, the bear returned and attacked and killed the dog.

May 25th, 2019
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska state officials are warning people about a brown bear that charged a man at Juneau’s Salmon Creek Trail. The Juneau Empire reports the bear emerged from the brush and charged at the man twice last Sunday as he was running along the trail. The man was not hurt in the encounter about 1 ½ miles from the trailhead. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says in a report that the bear ran into the woods, turned around and went back on the trail after charging and roaring at the man. 
Editor: This bear has had numerous sightings over a period of 4 days proving it has no natural fear of man. This bear will eventually attack.

Bear Attack – Copper River

  • Updated: June 26, 2018

A rafter on the Copper River was attacked by a grizzly bear when he surprised the sow with her cub while making camp along the Copper River, Alaska State police and wildlife authorities said Tuesday. Two individuals were on a raft trip from McCarthy to Cordova when they stopped at Taral Creek, that feeds the the Copper River approx. 4 miles south of Chitina, said troopers spokesman Tim DeSpain. “They stopped at Taral Creek to make camp for the night and they encountered a sow grizzly with at least one cub,” he said.

The sow proceeded to attack one of the rafters, biting him “multiple times.” An operator of a fishing boat took the injured rafter to O’Brien Creek area south of Chitina, where an ambulance was able to pick him up at a connected roadway, DeSpain said. The man was airlifted to Anchorage for medical attention. His injuries “appeared to be non-life-threatening,” DeSpain said. 

Editor’s Note: There have been 6 deadly bear attacks in Alaska in the last 10 years. Here we give you a good resource on Bear Attacks in Alaska. It seems to us that bear attacks in Alaska are increasing in not only frequency but are becoming more deadly. Have the bears lost the fear of man?


~Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming~