When you think of iconic symbols for the classic “hunter/trapper” one piece of gear always sticks out and that is a field bag made from fur.  Having a fur field bag strapped across your shoulder whether you are camping, hunting, trapping or a re-enactor is not only nostalgic but it will set you apart and will gain the admiration of those around you.  These bags are meant to be used but will look great hanging on the wall.  Each bag we offer is hand made and is not mass produced.  Every one is unique as is the the fur it is created from.  The size of the bag will depend on the species selected.  Raccoon, possum, skunk, beaver, badger, coyote & fox are the most common furs used and all bags include faces and tails as well as adjustable straps.  The bags we have in stock will be listed and the picture provided will be the bag you are purchasing.

If you dont see the bag you would like, simply send an email to orders@snare-trap-survive.com letting us know the species and size you would like and we will reply with a cost and estimated time to complete.

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