Fur Bags 

Our custom primitive fur bags are made of authentic animal fur. We will have these back soon but meanwhile here are a few pictures of what we had before. Custom fur bags can be used for carrying your trapping supplies, hunting gear or just wear them to stand out and be the unusual one in the crowd. Bags are made from skunk, beaver, coyote and buckskin. If you are interested in an authentic fur bag, get in touch with us and let us know. You can contact us here.

Future plans include moccasin Native American style and buckskin jackets. Imagine having a pair of Native American moccasin boots complete with a buckskin jacket topped off with a raccoon hat! You will be Daniel Boone’s rival!



Raccoon BagRaccoon BagRaccoon Bag
Fisher Raccon BagSkunk BagSkunk Bag
Skunk BagRaccoon Bag