Many people have asked the question “What gear does Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming actually use?”  Well, here you will find the gear Buckshot carries and uses when he is out in the field whether he is hunting, trapping, fishing, teaching survival courses or just roaming the amazon jungle. This page serves as a survival tips page as well for the beginner and pro alike.


Remember, a recommendation is just a starting point for your survival needs. Tailor these recommendations to your individual needs according to location, age, current health, time of year etc. More on this can be found in our survival blog articles. We recommend you carry at least a few snares, one Duke 110 and a survival fishing kit along with your basic fire starting tools, a water filter and some form of shelter such as a tarp or survival blanket. Food rations need to be lightweight, easy to store and have a good shelf life. Survival tools as stated above will vary greatly with location, season and your individual requirements but the items listed are a basic in all circumstances. One of the best products we carry for survival packs is the Wise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack.