Cam Lock snares are known for superior holding power and have become a favorite among survivalist and fur trappers. Most people don’t think of it but snares are as much a part of trapping supplies as any trap is. Unlike the micro lock snares, these grip and do not let go. These are killer coyote snares. Made of 3/32 7×7 strand cable and measuring 7 feet in length they feature a 9 gauge swivel, twist support collar, aluminum stops and large cam lock. These are the best coyote snare you can get. 

For survival purposes, having a cam lock snare in your survival kit can mean the difference between surviving or starving to death. You can take big game such as deer, bear, and feral hog.  When survival food storage is not an option, you can rely on the cam lock snare. While you are at it make sure you check out our trapping supplies as well.

We have often been asked is one should use these straight out of the box, the answer is no. First boil your snares to remove oil and scent from them. Do not use baking soda as baking soda helps break down metals. Just boil them in water, once the water begins to boil remove them then let them season outside for a few weeks. This helps eliminate scent further and adds a bit of rust to the snare. At this point you want to dye them for a better blend with the environment so as to camouflage them. Some people paint their snares, we do not recommend that as this paint leaves a scent. The more natural your snare the better and more effective it will be. Always handle your snares with gloves or make sure you are as scent free as possible, again, we suggest rubber medical gloves to reduce any chance of scent contamination.

Cam Lock Coyote Snares

Cam Lock Snares are a kill snare and should be used only in locations where domestic animals can not be caught. These are ideal Wolf snares, coyote snares and hog snares. They have even been used to take gators! These are not just for the trapper, Cam Lock Snares are a true survivalists tool. During emergencies you have the means to snare big game which is critical. Deploy a Cam Lock along a game trail and you will increase your survival chances dramatically. Learn how to make coyote snare sets and employ the right coyote snaring methods and you will be a pro in no time. New to 

The best thing about the Cam Lock Snare is it eliminated the continuous spinning and wear on the cable when an animal is caught, if you set your snare right, within minutes of being caught the animal will be dispatched and thus no prolonged struggle. This means a higher success rate and less loss which means more profit if you are a fur trader or more food on the table for the survivalist.

We encourage every trapper to exercise good judgement when using this snare. Once the cam lock snare sets, it is game over. Hemming Outdoors makes their own Cam Lock Snares here locally in East Tennessee. We are one of the oldest Coyote Trapping Supplies distributors out there so when you buy from us you not only get a good quality product but you also gain a friend in the trapping industry with over 30 years experience. Snaring and trapping supplies are our passion. 

How To Set a Coyote Snare

Coyotes like any other animal will take the path of least resistance. This is an advantage to you when making a coyote snare set. When you find a trail used by Coyotes you want to find a narrow choke point, a place where the trail has natural obstacles on the left and the right. This can be entering a field, going under a fence or through dense foliage. Any natural or man made feature that restricts the line of travel and causes the prey to take a specific route is defined as a choke point. Now that you found your spot you want to place your coyotes snare in that choke point.

For Coyote you want a 10-12”diameter loop approx 10-12” off the ground. Make sure the loop is set so that it falls closed easily, you do not want to have the prey pull it closed. They will feel this tension and back out on you. This is where loading snares or tensioning snares comes in. More On that topic later. If your choke point is in a wooded trail you may need to lay some debris to the left and right to encourage the Coyote to enter the snare. Small objects such as dirt clots or small ricks work perfect, coyotes hate to step on objects. You don’t need anything large. Don’t make a mistake of placing a bait under the loop. This will cause the Coyote to nose down to investigate the bait and most likely duck the snare or feel it and realize something is wrong. 

Setting snares in fence crawls (a place where a Coyote goes under the fence lines) is a great place to set snares for coyote. Once they commit to going under the fence, it is very uncommon for them to “Crawl” back out, in fact they almost never will. Set the snare low in this instance so that the head will enter the loop, as they push through the crawl they will close the loop and seal their fate. Coyote snaring is quite simple once you learn a few basics. Watch for more articles from us on the Basics of Snaring. You can have a look at how to make a snare and get a head start on snaring for coyotes.

These make excellent wolf snares as well. Trapping and snaring wolves seems to be the biggest use for our cam lock snares due to the fact they eliminate the risk of escapes or twist outs. A twist out is when the target animal twists and spins until the snare breaks. The cam lock shuts him down fast so there is less chance to twist loose. Now when it comes to wolf snaring, it’s a bit more complicated, you have to make absolutely sure you eliminate scent. This step is crucial as a wolf nose is his most superior detection tool and the wolf is wary, far more than a coyote.