There is buzz coming out of the White House that there is the possibility of a two week  mandatory quarantine that will be issued by the president. This comes amid the attack on the sale of weapons and ammunition in Illinois and the activation of National guard in several states. Krogers has begun to ration meats and one store in Tennessee is limiting purchases to three meats per shopping session. 

Fears of martial law have started to stir and the nation is now going into panic mode. Recall those modes that take place during a SHTF event? The ones I have mentioned several times? If now then you need to listen in on my podcast and catch up. Apathy – Realization – Fear – Panic and then chaos. WHen chaos hits then it will be full on SHTF. Perhaps this event will not be as big as some novel end of the world kind of shit but nonetheless shit is about to get real.

Two week mandatory U.S. quarantine? The Stafford Act? They are talking about it in the news. This is something that is very real and very damn possible. Notice in the texts below one person called this a “reset” and mentions “justice”? Are we looking at something bigger than we realized? Are we seeing a perpetrated event taking place? A “Reset” and “Justice” does make one wonder does it not? Is this something done by design? The knock us down then kick us scenario?

These are texts from posted from a friend of a friend today.

“Hello Nick….I have a friend in the White House staff who just sent me this text message….”
“John please be advised, within 48 Hours the president will evoke what is called the Stafford act. Just got out of a two hour emergency briefing. The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation. Essential travel only. Stock up on whatever you guys need to make sure you have a two week supply of everything. Please be safe.
God speed.”
And another text. From a different person.
“Good evening momma bear. So I caught wind of a possible 2 week nationwide quarantine in a few days. It came from someone who knows a FEMA worker. I can’t guarantee that’ll happen, but do you know something?”
Just the chatter I am picking up from some other online friends.
Stay safe. Protect your vulnerable folks.
Enjoy the reset.
And the justice.
We really do have to ask ourselves just how far is this going to go? We are only a few weeks into this mess and it could get very serious very soon. Have you prepared? By prepared I mean do you have means of getting food if the shelves are empty? Survival foods wont work now because our suppliers are saying it will be July before orders can be processed. How will you catch food? Do you have fishing gear? Gill nets? have you gotten any of this shit ready?
This could be the one we have all been preparing for or the one you didn’t prepare for, depending on which side of the fence you are on.
If you haven prepared you need to get moving now. We carry snares, survival traps, fishing kits and gill nets and no we will not be bumping prices like the vampires are doing. We have been preaching this all along, get prepared damnit because right now you are about 90% behind the game!!
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