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The Progression of Chaos

The Coronavirus outbreak in America is now becoming a major concern not only here but globally With so much concern, apathy has now or is becoming realization. Apathy is the lack of concern for something and in this particular case apathy can be a very dangerous thing. When we have apathy then the next stage is realization. When we begin to realize that a situation is larger than we expected then we begin to experience fear. These are the steps that lead up to the eventual death and destruction. 

Apathy – Oh its not so bad they say

Before we get into the topic of the story let’s discuss those steps for just a moment. I have been seeing lots of people posting about the coronavirus and stating that it is basically a flu virus. This is the stage that we call apathy it is where the people believe it is simple and we will overcome it. I have seen people stating the mortality rate is only about 10%. The real fact is that the coronavirus is in fact flu like symptoms however untreated those symptoms become even worse than SARS. So even if we do realize the importance of being treated and our hospitals have thousands pouring in through the front doors our medical systems will become inundated. Then at that point individuals will no longer receive treatment and thus those symptoms will worsen.

Realization Of The Threat

It is at this stage that realization the next step in the process will begin. People will begin to realize that this virus is in fact major threat and that people around them are dying. They will begin to realize that they have not prepared for this outbreak. They have not prepared, have not stored any food supplies, they have no water on hand and they don’t want to go out into the public because, well after all there is a deadly virus out there right? It is at this stage that the mind begins to race, trying to figure out what to do next. We have nothing on hand, what do we do?

Progressing into Fear

At this stage people will begin to move on to step three which is fear. When fear begins to take hold that will begin attempting to prepare and will eventually come to the conclusion that resources are now extremely limited. They will begin to do everything within their ability to find resources and they will begin to become dangerous. This is where they start to look across the street and wonder what you have in your basement. This is where you, the prepper have to start considering the fact that your best friend may become your enemy.

Panic & Chaos

This is where the next phase called panic will begin. The people will begin to panic because resources are extremely limited or literally impossible to get. They will begin to realize that it is too late and then will come the next phase known as chaos. They will begin to scramble to get all the resources they can even if it means stealing them from other individuals or breaking into facilities to obtain them. It will then become a very dangerous time man against man in a struggle for survival. This last phase known as chaos will eventually result in death for hundreds if not thousands.

Emergency Supplies Are Running Low

Just a few days ago I received an email from a supplier stating that due to the extremely high demand survival foods are now taking 45 to 55 days to ship out. Hundreds of thousands of people are realizing the threat and preparing for this threat. If you do not plan to prepare you will plan to fail. Those people who are ordering the survival foods are preparing to bug in or perhaps even bug out. If this virus takes hold here in America has they say it will it will be extremely dangerous to go into the city to gather supplies. If you do not have supplies on hand you will suffer and or die. If you are just now beginning to realize that it is time to prepare there is a small possibility that you can get ahead before the virus strikes. If you continue to have apathy you will be one of those who will progress through all of the stages mentioned above and eventually fail.

Currently we are being told that makers of emergency food supplies are overwhelmed. Orders are taking 45-50 days to get shipped and it will continue to get worse. Failing to get them now could result in 50-70 days or more to get supplies you need. Smaller food supply kits are still in good supply but the 32, 60 and 120  day supply kits are hard to obtain. MRE sales are up by leaps and bounds but those are already hard enough to find as it is. We expect that once realization becomes fear, the opportunity to obtain any of these will be very slim if not impossible. Our 16 serving packages are marked down from $46.99 to $39.95 currently and wont last long as this progresses. If you want food supplies you will either have to order fast and wait or bulk up on smaller kits before they are gone.

Seattle Washington Coronavirus Death
Feb, 29th, 2020

Its is now, as of February, 29th, 2020 being reported that a patient in Washington has in fact died from the virus. Reports are coming in that people are wearing masks and that individuals are in a high state of alert so we are seeing the “realization” stage. The next stage in this will be the fear followed by panic.

The current Coronavirus Update status in America is at 15 confirmed, or so they say. Many have expressed fears that the truth is not being told. With the virus being so rampant I find it hard to believe that we have only 15 cases here in America.

Preparing for Coronavirus

The first thing you should do is to have food and water on hand as well as medication to treat any symptoms that may arise. Prepare to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid contact with the public. While this is a new threat we have never faced before, there are some things you can do to mitigate your exposure. Prepping methods will vary from person to person as well as region, climate and personal needs. Below we cover some basics.

  • Ensure you have adequate water storage on hand. FEMA says 3 days but let me tell you this is out the door. You better store enough to last you for at least a month or have means of getting clean water. This means water purification tabs, filters, clean sources and a place for storage. You can’t just sit this on the ground in plastic jugs on the ground or concrete as it will absorb chemicals. You need to store it off the ground.
  • Ensure you have adequate food supply, again 3 days here is a joke. You will need to determine your nutritional needs, your current health condition, how many people will you be feeding etc. It does you no good to have 3 days only. Do you have foods that can be prepared easily? Can you transport your foods if you have to move out? Think this one through. We suggest a mix of freeze dried foods along with a variety of store bought that can be prepared easily. Hold the freeze dried foods in case you need to bug out as they are easy to carry and easy to prepare. We have listed some below. Take note, you have probably waited too late to get these quickly, you will now be on a list, perhaps some of them may be shipped faster such as the smaller kits.
  • Have alternate means of obtaining food if the bulk storage is no longer an option. This means having traps, snares, hunting equipment etc. Food can always be obtained in the wild if things get really bad. The Duke 110 is an excellent survival tool for taking squirrel, rabbit and game birds of certain sizes. You may be one of those who is not fond of eating wild game but trust be its better than starving and you may find yourself in this predicament. We discuss this in the Pending Food Shortage article we recently presented.
  • Have medical supplies on hand. If you require medications then you need to ensure you have an adequate supply. This is especially critical of diabetics or people with heart conditions. Your pharmacy will be overwhelmed by medication requests and hospitals will be inundated.
  • Have a first aid kit of adequate size. You don’t want to head into this with just band-aids, some gauze and Ibuprofen. Plan for the worst, make sure you have a kit that can address many different type injuries and if you can obtain it, find a kit that can address the need for sutures. Ensure you have a first aid kit large enough to serve every member in your group.
  • Consider shelter in case you need to get on the move. There are many type shelters out there that are easy to carry. Mylar tents are super great because they are light and easy to store away. If its colder weather then perhaps you may want to consider a light sleeping bag to use with the mylar tent or even a heavy sleeping bag depending on the conditions.
  • Lights are critical because if you cant see then you are S.O.L if the lights go out or you bug out in the night. Keep a good store of batteries and its a good idea to try to find a crank flashlight as a backup.
  • Communication is critical as well. Ensure that you have backup battery devices for cell phones, Invest in some good two way radios for your team. We suggest the UHF VHF dual band radios as they can communicate with FRS, HAM, GMRS, MURS and public emergency if need be.

Preparing for Disaster – Why It Is Important

The bottom line here is you need to be preparing now, not just for Coronavirus but for any emergency that can happen. If you are not planning them you are setting yourself up for some hard times of pure misery or even death. Everyday we face thousands of ways our world can to go shit. We teter on the edge of some sort of man made or natural disaster, we have a vulnerable system interconnected with computers and we rely on this technology. All it takes is one mistake, disaster or terrorist to bring it all down and go back to 1799 in less than 48 hours.

We began on this topic some time back but it seems just as one threat passes another can rise to the occasion. This brings us to the last point here. Just because a threat does not evolve into a SHTF scenario does not mean that the next one will not evolve. That is why we call it preparing. We must prepare for every single possible scenario we can think of because of we don’t, then that one for which we do not prepare could end up being the one that kills us.

If you are unsure how to plan for such an event, reach out to us, we can assist you in obtaining most of the supplies you will need as well as offering some survival advice. We are considering doing a survival class sometime this spring as well. Keep prepping and remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.