Cam Lock Coyote Snares

We get a lot of people looking for Coyote snares for sale, both locally and nationwide. We have been in the business of  trapping supplies for over 40 years and we found what works best for nearly every target species out there. Our coyote snares are made with 7×7 cable, 3/32 diameter and cut to 84 inches. They come in micro lock and cam lock each with spiral support collar and all of our snares are built with attention to quality. We have found that the following snares make the most superb coyote snares you can use.

The cam Lock snare is a deadly snare when it comes to trapping coyote. It closes lightning fast, locks down tight and will not let go. If you are looking for a snare that can hold your prey then this snare it it. Be careful with this snare because it is designed to dispatch the animal. Place this is locations where domestic animals are not going to be present. 7×7  3/32 cable, 84 inches in length with support collar and #9 gauge swivel heads. Comes in standard and with deer stops. These snares are also great for Wolf trapping.

Micro Lock Coyote Snares

Our Micro Lock coyote snares come in the same 7×7 – 3/32, 84 inch configuration and these are our choice for trapping coyote and minimizing fur damage. These have the super fast micro lock that has taken the snaring industry by storm. The micro lock holds tight but causes very minimal fur damage. These snare can be used where there may be a possibility of domestic animals venturing in. The Micro Lock snare is also available with deer stops. The cam lock, like the micro lock, is also a great snare for wolf trapping.

Most other places have coyote  and wolf snares for sale at insane prices, here we Hemming Outdoors STS we strive to offer the best snares at the best prices. Over the years coyote problems have become a great concern. Posing threat to livestock, pets and small children. We are on a mission to help you, the consumer, tackle this problem without tackling your wallet. We have a 100% return guarantee. If for any reason you return your item, we will refund shipping cost in full within 5 business days.

Please check your local regulations on coyote trapping. Some state require snares to have deer stops and some require break away devices. It is your responsibility to know your state trapping laws and regulations.