Killing America

A story of economic and civil breakdown caused by the political powers that are elected to serve us. The book is being written by me, Roger Bunch and for those who do not know, I am the new owner of Snare Trap Survive, close friend of Mr. Bruce Hemming. Bruce and I  got acquainted through the topic of writing as we both wrote on the same genre. Onward to my topic.. the book titled “Killing America”. The story began back in 2012 as a natural disaster which caused chaos and civil unrest however even then I saw the start of troubled times ahead in the political arena. I decided to change things up a bit.

In Killing America the initial plot was a terrorist attack after our leaders caused unstable relations with another country however it still didn’t quite fit the bill for what I felt was coming our way. Our leaders over the years have shown an ever increasing disregard for the American people and their well being. This fact led me to once again change direction. Now the path is set and the scary part is the events on which I began to write suddenly became reality years later. In Killing America our government began to split in an ever increasing power struggle. The only agenda was power for their party. The president shut down government and eventually instituted martial law. Civil unrest began to spiral out of control and all the while our enemy sat poised at the gate ready to strike into the heart of Lady Liberty.

Killing America is set in a realistic world of realistic events. These events have been steadily coming our way for years, only a few of us have seen the truth. Those of us who prepared will be the ones who survive to consequences of the struggle for power. The rest of them are simply, Killing America.

Killing America Timeline & Updates:
Status: 11 chapters written 70% completion.
Expected Release: Fall of 2019

In an epic struggle to ensure the survival of their family in a post-apocalyptic world caused by our own Government, two bothers face the dangers of this new and uncertain world. Death surrounds them while the land before them lies in ruin, yet another crisis looms, this one even greater and will carry Alex and Ryan to the edges of human survival.

Killing America takes you on the spine tingling journey into the world after Federal Government shuts down for months on end. The president initiates martial law thrusting America into chaos and the people are left to fend for themselves as terrorist cells seize the opportunity to take control. Alex and his brother Ryan vows to stand by each other and brave the dangers of day to day survival. Together they face the daunting task of finding those who strive for the same goal, survival and ensuring that their great nation will rise again.


… Near Maple Ridge they stopped at the top of the hill were they could see into town. As a child Alex recalled coming over this very hill and seeing the lights below twinkle at night as if it were Christmas. There was no twinkle to it now, no sparkle and definitely no allure to it. Smoke from fires was drifting into the sky and the entire city had a dead dreary look to it. Cars that had one been running to and from work now sat in the road like monuments of a time long past. To Alex it was an eerie sight to behold, a testament as to what had been and a hint of what was yet to come.

Ryan and Alex scanned the area for a while looking for any other signs of other people that they already knew were there.

“May as well go” Alex said. “Get this over with as soon as we can.”

Ryan shrugged as they started down the hill toward uncertainty skirting in and out of the abandoned cars. Neither of them had ever been in such a mess before let alone having to actually contemplate murder in order to survive but it was on their minds. Those two men a few miles back didn’t seem to have a problem with killing anyone. Alex had the feeling that they themselves would get their chance soon enough. It was enough to make anyone’s guts knot up and Ryan didn’t seem to be all too thrilled at the prospect either.

The road into town seemed shorter than they had recalled it once being, perhaps the anticipation or rather dread of what was to come had caused it to seem that way. Nearing the cross streets of Indiana ave and Roberts road they saw their first potential threats. Five men on the roadside all carrying clubs of wood and metal.

“Floor it Ryan!” Alex yelled out.

Ryan stepped on the gas and roared past them, the men yelling angrily at them to stop. They raced on into the city leaving the hoodlums behind them and to their own fate whatever it would be.

Walmart was their target this time. They had figured that it would be the last place ransacked due to heavy security being on patrol there in and around the mall thus making it a harder target for looters to get in. They were hoping security had abandoned it by now otherwise they themselves wouldn’t get in. This type of thinking was the first mistake they made. In the parking lot it was clear that it had been looted. The glass doors were broken and debris laying about. A few people were running in and out of the store carrying clothes and food, one idiot, carrying a television that immediately made Alex’s worlds dumbest list.

”This is going to be different” Ryan said. ”This time we both go in, no staying back shit, got it?” He asked.

”Yeah I got it but what about the truck?”

”We take a chance remove the keys that’s all we can do but no way in hell just one of us is  going in this place alone.”

They pulled the truck around near the side of the store hoping it wouldn’t get noticed as much there, locked it up and made their way for the broken doors of the store…….

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