Mora of Sweden by Morakniv

For Professionals – By Professionals

Visiting a construction site you will most certainly find Mora of Sweden by Morakniv. Professional construction workers, electricians, and serious survivalists as well as outdoor enthusiasts choose Morakniv. The Morakniv has been around the commercial market since 1891 but the area around Mora has been producing quality knives for centuries. Scandinavian knives are the most popular knives in existence but Mora is the undisputed King of Scandinavian knives.

Good ergonomic design is another classic hallmark of knives from Mora of Sweden by Morakiv. They are solid, substantial, and feel good in the hand when you use them. Mora knives are also designed so that you can work with high precision, regardless of whether it is a Classic Mora knife, an Ergonomic Mora knife or a Craftsman’s they all carry high quality with a good feel. 

Mora of Sweden has a long tradition of developing knives in close cooperation with the professional users. This has also resulted in a wide range of products, used by thousands of house-owners, wood-carvers and hobby carpenters every day. Every knife from Mora of Sweden is a product of knowledge about manufacturing cutting tools collected over more than 300 years

Morakniv and the name Mora of Sweden has become common among survivalists over the years, one will be hard pressed not to find a true survivalist who carries a Mora Knife. The Mora basic, the Mora classic and the Mora Companion are highly popular with the surviuvalist and outdoorsman. Mora of Sweden, quality, dependability, affordability.

A Mora®knife is always a knife from Mora of Sweden, made in Sweden!