Bobcat Snares

BobCat Snares

Our Bobcat snares are made with 1/16th 7×7 cable, cut to 60 inches in length. Longer lengths can be requested by using the Custom Quote button on the product page. In addition you can either contact us via email or use the messenger option that can be found on any page.

All of our Bobcat snares are made here in East Tennessee. We have micro lock and cam lock options as well as the option for deer stops added. Currently deer stops and custom length snares are request options made to order. All orders are made within 24 hours and shipped within 36 hours of order receipt.

40 years of field experience goes into making each Bobcat snare. We take the time to make sure every part is perfect. A fast closing snare is critical and we ensure that each Bobcat snare we make closes fast and hold tight.

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