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3/32 Cam lock Snares (12pk)

3/32 7×7 cable, cam lock, 7 feet long. Superior holding power. Can be used for beaver, feral hog, coyote, wolf, bear, deer, alligator and other big game. This snare is a favorite among survivalists as well. A few of these in the bug out bag will ensure you means of catching food due to their ability to take deer and feral hogs easily. The Cam Lock Snare is truly a survivalists best friend!


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84 Inch Cam Lock Snare

Super fast! Cam lock snares are kill snares so be very careful where you set these. They make superior Coyote snares, when they set, it is game over. These also make excellent beaver snares when a kill snare is required.  Our Cam Locks snares are made with 3/32 7×7 cable, cam lock with teeth, 7 feet long, 9 gauge heavy duty swivels and twist support collars. This snare can be used on deer and feral hogs in emergency survival situations. These can take animals up to 200 pounds such as a small Black Bear, and even Alligators up to 7 feet. Many of the trappers we sell to swear these are the best Coyote Snares that you can have. Hemming Cam Lock Snares are made in America. New to snaring? No problem, buy a Hemming Product and we will be there to answer every question!

This snare has become a favorite for coyote snares due to its quick kill capability and superior holding power. Even if you don’t get a neck hold he will never escape. These hold tight and there is no wiggling loose from this snare. Many survivalists use these as well due to their ability to take deer and feral hogs easily. Truly a multi use snare!

** Please check your local regulations on snaring as some states do not permit the use of cam lock snares.

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1 review for 3/32 Cam lock Snares (12pk)

  1. Roger Bunch

    Hemming Brand snares are the best on the market. They are fast closing and built with attention to quality. This is the difference in buying snares from just anyone and buying snares from someone who has been in the industry for over 40 years.

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