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4 Ounce Bottle Of Predator Thrasher Lure



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Predator Thrasher Predator Lure

After sharing this awesome lure with all of you for ten years, it is still highly requested. This proven lure is a fantastic blend of scents.  It’s a high quality lure formulated to bring you the highest catches of a range of predators. Every single predator will stop in their tracks and run over to investigate this intoxicating lure. Works great for Raccoon, Fox, Badger, Coyote and Bobcat, just to name a few.  This lure will bring them to your sets.

~Bruce Buckshot Hemming~


Hemming Outdoors Lures are the most effective and affordable lures on the market with over 30 years of field testing.. they simply work !! Bruce Buckshot Hemming spent years in the wild trapping, teaching survival courses and learning wildlife habits. His years of field work has made him an authority on trapping.

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