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3/32 Cam lock Snares (6pk)

3/32 7×7 cable, cam lock snares, 7 feet long, 9 gauge swivel and twist support collar. Superior holding power. Can be used for feral hog, coyote, wolf, bear, deer, alligator and other big game. The Cam Lock Snares are a favorite among survivalists and trappers. These are designed to dispatch the animal quickly. Our Cam Lock Snares are made here in Eastern Tennessee.


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Cam Lock Snares – Coyote Snares

Super fast! The Cam lock snares are kill snares so be very careful where you set them. These make awesome Coyote snares, once they set, it is game over.  Made with 3/32 7×7 cable, cam lock, 7 feet long, 9 gauge heavy duty swivels and twist support collars. In extreme emergency survival situations, this snare can be used on deer and feral hogs. Can take animals up to 200 pounds such as a small Black Bear, and even Alligators up to 7 feet. Many of the trappers we sell to swear these are the best Coyote Snares on the market. Buy Cam Lock Snares and you will see the difference!

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