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Beaver Snares 3/32 Micro Lock (12pk)


3/32 diameter and 60 inches long, these make the best survival snare. The micro (relaxing) lock gives a greater chance of the prey surviving thus making these the ideal warm weather snare. 

For cold weather kill snares, refer to our Cam Lock Snare

3/32 Diam.
7×7 GAC
9 Gauge Swivel
60″ long


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Beaver Snares – Rabbit Snares

Beaver snares made with 3/32 7 x 7 cable with micro lock for great holding power. These  make perfect survival snares. They also serve as bobcat snares, coyote, wolf, fox and hog snares. 60 total inches of cable, micro lock, washer, swivel, new support collar, and of course Aluminum Stop Buttons for superior holding power. 

These snares are identical to our standard micro lock snare. These make a great survival tool since beaver are high in fat, vitamins and minerals and a plentiful abundance. With uncertain food supplies and current shortages, this will be the most valuable tool in your arsenal. Keep a dozen or more on hand just in case things go wrong, you will thank us later.

Beaver snares should be set along slides and on top of lodges. Refer to the chart above for loop size, height and keep in mind, closer to the water the better in order to keep your catch away from predators. These are relaxing micro locks so it is important to check your snare line every 12-24 hours. Setting these on a steep embankment will result in a hagman snare and deceased prey so keep that in mind during warmer weather. Below is a great video on setting beaver snares.

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  1. Roger Bunch

    Best Survival Snares on the market. The micro lock on these is super fast.

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