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1/16 Micro Lock Snares (12pk)

Perfect snare for small beaver rabbit, squirrel, mink, muskrat, nutria and other small game. These are excellent for use in a survival snaring kit. For large beaver refer to the Cam Lock Snare or Micro Lock Snare
1/16 Diam.
7×7 GAC
11 Gauge Swivel
42″ long


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Beaver Snares – Rabbit Snares

Beaver snares made with 1/16 7 x 7 cable with micro lock for great holding power. These are for small game and make perfect Beaver snares, bobcat snares and fox snares. 48 total inches of cable, micro lock, washer, swivel, new support collar, and of course Aluminum Stop Buttons for superior holding power. Are you a survivalist? These are great squirrel snares too! We know they work because we don’t just sell our products, we use our products too! Hemmings Beaver Snares are American Made.

Additional information

Weight 0.84375 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × .5 in

1 review for 1/16 Micro Lock Snares (12pk)

  1. Roger Bunch

    Best Survival Snares on the market. The micro lock on these is super fast.

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