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Buckshot’s Basic Survival Manual

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Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming has spent a lifetime hunting, fishing, trapping, snaring, surviving in some of the wildest parts of the U. S. from Alaska, the rugged mountains of Northern Idaho, to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan while battling whiteouts and other conditions always learning from each area and experience.


As a young teenager he would leave for weeks at a time surviving by catching crayfish, frogs, turtles, and other animals in the summer months. Later, he advanced into trapping allowing him to stay out for longer periods of time.   From those early years Bruce realized the most important skill for any survivor, is learning to use snares and traps to survive.


Bruce built a Log Cabin from scratch in the wilderness.  He alone chopped, peeled, and dried the logs.  With his real life experiences he would like to pass on what he has learned along the way to help you become better prepared to survive.


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