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Buckshot’s Survival Snaring DVD


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The #1 snaring DVD for your survival library. Explains different snares and locks in the field, and shows you how to snare rabbits, squirrels, raccoon, coyotes, beaver, and 3 different sets for deer. This DVD could save your life in a crisis. This DVD is for information purposes only. It is up to you to check and comply with all game laws. Plenty of catches on this video such as beaver, coyote, ground hogs and rabbits.  Approx. 78 Minutes

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  1. True Primitive Trapping Skills – Elite Survival Academy

    Buckshots Complete Survival Trapping Guide, or watching the videos Beginners Trapping and Survival Snaring. These will give you the basics of modern trapping. An all around good solution to the survival trapping field.

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