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Dog Proof Coon Trap – Duke

Dog Proof Coon Trap by Duke

The dog proof coon trap is a great trap for beginner trappers. Easy to set and easy to use. They feature a strong trap spring, heavy duty chain with swivel attached and stake. Insert your bait, set the trap and drive the stake in at a 45 degree angle. Curiosity will get them caught with this trap every time. Dog proof coon trapping is the best way to go if you or neighbors have pets around, this traps ensures only Raccoon are caught and not domestic animals.


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Dog Proof Coon Trap

The Dog Proof Coon Trap features a heavy duty  chain with swivels attached to the ends. The Trap has a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap, stab it into the ground at a 45 degree angle. Set it, stake it, and forget it. It’s that simple. Features a heavy duty coil spring  and trigger system. The trap has a “pull” only trigger. When a raccoon reaches in to grab and pull the bait out of the tube it will fire the trap. Place your bait into the hole, push it down far enough they have to reach in and pull, boom you got yourself a coon. The Duke Dog Proof Coon trap is a favorite among trappers due to its affordability and effectiveness.

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