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Z-Trap Dog Proof Coon Trap

Dog Proof Coon Trap – Z-Trap

The dog proof coon trap is a great trap for beginner trappers. Easy to set and easy to use. They feature a strong trap spring, heavy duty chain with swivel attached and stake. Insert your bait, set the trap and drive the stake in at a 45 degree angle. Curiosity will get them caught with this trap every time. The unique push pull trigger gives two ways to trigger the spring increasing your catch rate. Dog proof coon trapping is the best way to go if you or neighbors have pets around, this traps ensures only Raccoon are caught and not domestic animals.


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Dog Proof Coon Trap Push Pull Trigger

Raccoon reach inside of the Ztrap to snatch bait and trip the Push/Pull Trigger. Powerful, double coil springs hold raccoon for good.  Ztraps new stabilizer stake allow trappers to put Z-traps where the raccoon are. The pointed stabilizer stake makes it easier to drive Z-trap into frozen ground and still allow raccoon to pull trap out of the ground. Heavy duty chain comes with three swivels, one at stake, one inline, and one at the end to be used for stake or drowner. Z-traps feature durable, powder finish with black, zinc coated spring & trigger components. No waiting for traps to rust, no dying or waxing required. Just purchase and use. It’s that simple!

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