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1/16 Mini Cam Lock Snares (12pk)

Small Cam Lock Fox Snares

1/16 7 x 7 cable with mini cam lock for great holding power. This small game snare, makes great fox snares. Also great for rabbit, beaver, groundhogs, mink, muskrat and other small game animals. It’s 42″ of 1 1/16 7 x 7 cable, mini cam lock, washer, swivel, new support collar,  and aluminum Stops for superior holding power.

You may also be interested in our superior Coyote Snares Snares or the Micro Lock Snares. Coyote snaring has become extremely popular and our snares are designed to take them with ease. Our Coyote Snares also known as Cam Lock Snares are deadly on the Yotes!


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Small Cam Lock Fox Snares

These make a great snare for the survival enthusiast as well. These small 1 1/6 x 42 inch  cam lock  fox snares are light and easy to pack away. These work great on fox and bobcat. From a survival standpoint these can be used to take raccoon and beaver as well, having small game snares on hand can be life saving. Hemming Snares are made in America. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. No matter the name, be it Rabbit Snares, Fox Snare or Squirrel snares the fact remains the same, these are lightning fast, they lock down solid and they are super easy to carry.

We make these specifically for fox but they can be used on beaver, rabbit, mink and other small critters

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Weight0.9375 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × .5 in


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