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Family Entree Sample Pack


Don’t Buy Before Sampling First

Our 16 serving family pack is what you’ve been looking for. With your order you’ll receive 4 savory entree pouches that are exactly the same as our standard entrees. Why do we place emphasis on this? Unfortunately, another emergency food provider has recently been sued for selling sample packs that are lower quality than their regular emergency food packs. The good news is that our sample packs are the exact same as our regular emergency food packs.

What will you get? You’ll get to enjoy 4 of our delicious and nutritious entrees: Pasta Primavera, Classic Chili, Enchilada Beans and Rice, and Stroganoff.

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Every month thousands of Americans are hit by a thought, “Am I prepared to take care of my family in an emergency?” It’s a question that’s been on our mind for the last 10 years. It’s what we discuss when customers call us. There are dozens of food storage options out there. Each making a claim. Some use fear mongering. It’s all really confusing. We know because we’ve tried every option out there.

But it shouldn’t be this difficult. Legacy Foods make the choice easy!

Each pouch contains 4 servings so you can enjoy it with your family. That’s $2.50 a serving, but don’t confuse the low price with low quality.

The first thing people notice is how good the food tastes. This isn’t an accident. Buyers are used to the idea that survival food doesn’t taste good because in an emergency who cares about taste? You’ll be amazed by how much food science technology has improved in the last 20 years. The meal from our pouch is no different than a meal prepared from scratch at home.

All our meals are low in sodium and cholesterol, high in fiber, and made without GMOs, MSG, HFCS, or trans fat. Survival situations are when our body needs high-quality food the most.

Cooking is super easy: Remove the oxygen absorber from the pouch (it’s there to keep freshness) and pour contents into a cooking bowl and add water (amount of water needed per pouch listed below). Although not mandatory, hot or boiling water is recommended for preparation. Enjoy. Being unprepared for an emergency is not an option. This sample pack is a no-brainer.


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