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3/32 Micro Lock Survival Snare (12pk)


This is definitely a snare you want to have when it comes to emergency survival. For years we focused on general trapping until we figured out this is the ultimate survival tool. Now we suggest these to the hardocre survivalists who want to have that extra edge. This snare will take large game such as deer, feral hogs, beaver and even alligator! If you are serious about survival, you wont overlook this important tool. This will probably be your most important survival tool yet!

For conventional trappers, these work great on coyote, wolf, bobcat and more. No matter if you are the next Bear Grylls or just the trapper down the street, these puppies will do the trick!!



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Best Survival Snare You Can Own

Survival Snares are a must have when it comes to survival. The ability to obtain food is critical. With our micro lock snares you can easily catch game animals with little effort 3/32 7 x 7 cable. 5 feet long, washer, heavy-duty #9 swivel, new improved support collar will take any wire from 9 to 16 gauge.

The mico lock snares are fast and have superior holding power. The aluminum Stop Buttons we use hold the best because the aluminum is smashed into the cable for superior holding power. The swivel reduces the chance of cable breakage allowing the prey to spin without unraveling the cable. Use these for Fox, Coyotes, Beaver, and Raccoons.

Carry a dozen of these along with out 1/16 Rabbit Snares for the best chances of snagging your next meal. We also suggest you carry at least two to three of our  Camlock Snares in your kit as well. We are the best priced around, feel free to compare to others here

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