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1/16 Micro Lock Rabbit Snares (12pk)

1/16 diameter and 42 inches long, these make the best survival snare you can have. These snares are lightweight, easy to store in a survival bag so you can carry three to four dozen easily. If you are lost or if a disaster hits, you can always get food if you have these on hand.

Deploy a dozen of these and instead of one chance to get food, you now have 12 chances. When setting rabbit snare you want to set as many as possible to maximize your chances of a catch, your survival depends on it!

Don’t delay a moment more, add these survival snares to your survival kit and be prepared when emergency strikes!

For large game refer to the Cam Lock Snare or Micro Lock Snare

1/16 Diam.
7×7 GAC
11 Gauge Swivel
42″ long


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Rabbit Snares

Rabbit snares made with 1/16 7 x 7 cable with micro lock for great holding power. These are for small game and make perfect survival snares. They also serve as bobcat snares and fox snares and are also great small beaver snares. 42 total inches of cable, micro lock, washer, swivel, new support collar, and of course Aluminum Stop Buttons for superior holding power.

Are you a survivalist? These are great squirrel snares too! We know they work because we don’t just sell our products, we use our products too! These snares are definitely something you need in a survival bug out bag!

Rabbit snares are a must in any survival kit. A dozen of these snares are lightweight, easy to carry and can have the potential to save your life. The relaxing micro lock is great for warm weather snaring as the animal has a higher chance of being alive when you return to check your line.

Setting Rabbit Snares

Chose a location where a rabbit trail is evident. Look along the trail for natural choke point, a location where the trail narrows due to rocks or brush. You can create a choke point in the trail by using sticks or rocks placed alongside the trail. Rabbit like to jump so make sure you have something placed over the snare to discourage jumps. If placed correctly, the rabbit will be encouraged to go through the loop.

Create a loop approx the size of your fist or about 4 inches in diameter. Ensure the bottom of the loop is about 2.5 to 3 inches from the ground. If placed any higher the rabbit wil duck under the loop. Make sure there is no room on the left or right where the rabbit can edge through past the loop.

Also keep in mind that Rabbit are cautious creatures. It may take a few hours to an entire day for the rabbit to venture near the snare. That is the reason you want to set as many as possible.

Do not ever in any circumstance, rely on those articles explaining how to make snares out  or rope or speaker wire. The rope will not work and you will starve to death. The wire might work but will not hold for very long. Relying on this information can be a death sentence. Put your trust into cable snares that are designed for snaring and trapping. Here is a good article on how to make a snare.

If you must use wire or only have wire at your disposal, then here is a good article on making snares using wire.

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