So you love survival? Have some great stories to tell? Come join us and be a writer for our Survival Blog. We are looking for talented writers or just the average joe who has a story to tell. Maybe you want to feature your product or a particular service? We are glad to work with other business owners. You can submit to our survival blog, our editors will look it over and perhaps tweak it for SEO purposes and put you online. This is an awesome way to get seen.

Survival Blogs are popular these days but not everyone knows how to get the stories seen. Our editors know the SEO tricks so your story, product or service will be seen. Write about survival tips, tools, gear reviews whatever your heart desires. Let’s form a portal of information that will spread the word about the survivalist community, the prepper, off grid enthusiast or just the general outdoorsman. Lets spread knowledge and increase skills for all who love prepping. We all know the importance of sharing educating the people. Our survival blog can be the medium that delivers that education.

Maybe your passion is just living green? Hey Green living is cool too. If you are a hunter, prepper or homesteader then living green is in your blood. We know the importance of green resources and sustainable resources. Off grid living has become a thing. We want stories about off grid living, tricks, tips etc. Practicing conservation is a survivalist, hunter or homesteader priority. We have just partnered with a company known as JustBeGreen that is promoting sustainable resources and green living on a mega scale. Proposing an aquaponics farm, a greenhouse of mega proportions and many other amazing ideas. We want your ideas on green living.

Maybe you are just a fur trapper? Not a problem, send us your stories, ideas, inventions etc.  In other words, come one come all!
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