Emergency Freeze Dried Foods

With the future of food supplies uncertain, you can not afford to be caught off guard. You need to be prepared. The need for survival foods has never been greater. Having emergency foods on hand is critical to your survival. Legacy Food Storage can help you fill that need. Find the emergency food kit that is right for you! Bulk freeze dried foods are easy to store, lightweight, easy to prepare and a shelf life of up to 25 years!


Legacy Foods has increased prices of survival foods due to high demand for supplies. We have implemented free shipping on all orders in an effort to offset the burden and we offer discount pricing on all emergency foods storage kits.

legacy foods emergency bulk freeze dried foods

Survival Food Storage

When it comes to survival foods, you need something easy to store and easy to prepare. Legacy Survival foods is just that. A 120 serving bucket will fit easily into a closet taking up approx 24 x 24 x 29 space. Most important is that these survival foods will last up to 25 years. 

Stocking up on survival foods does not have to be difficult. We have everything from 16 serving samples up to 4,440 serving sizes. You can buy in bulk or build as you go. Interested in a subscription and save as you build? Contact us and we will work out a subscription plan for you.

Snare Trap Survive is an authorized dealer for Legacy Food Storage