Peruvian Survival Gill Net

Get Prepared Now!

The survival gill net, quite possibly your life saver when it comes to a survival situation or in this case, a food shortage caused by a pandemic. Simply deploy this into a small stream, pond or lake and your will be certain to have food for the day.

Don’t get caught off guard, this situation may get out of hand very fast and you can not afford to be left without a plan. The survival gill net may be your life net.

Supplies are limited and these are made to order so get your order in fast to ensure you have the tools you need to survive.

12 feet in length, 5 feet high with 1 inch mesh, capable of catching fish 1-6 lbs. Lightweight and easy to store. This net is made of multifilament line that does not shine, it virtually becomes invisible in water. Fish are caught before they even realize it’s there.