Survival Snaring and its Importance

Snaring and trapping is becoming a lost art, years ago many country men made a living out of trapping and snaring wild game. It served as both a means of income as well as a means to put food on the table. Over the years this knowledge handed down from father to son has somehow lost its way. The generation today know very little of the art of trapping and snaring, in fact many have never even heard of it. With this lost art there comes a price that we hardly realize. Not only have we lost a way of life but it has taken away a critical survival skill.

When faced with an emergency crisis or when implementing disaster preparedness you have three main priorities, water, shelter and food. I would put them in that particular order but that is a discussion for a later article, here we will discuss the importance of food and survival snaring. Humans can survive with no food for a period of 30-40 days. Symptoms of starvation become sever between 21 and 30 days so food becomes critical. So how do you obtain that food? You either gather, hunt or in the case of this article, use survival snares to obtain food.

Protein and essential fats are a critical part of survival. Without those, the body begins to suffer serious effects. A human can only live a maximum of 70 days with no protein intake since our body has no way of storing them. Once you stop the intake of protein, the body will begin taking the required protein from your muscle mass. So considering those facts it is absolutely essential that you have a source for those much needed proteins. We all know how hard it is to hunt for game,hoping to score a harvest and sometimes going for days or even weeks without getting one. Survival snaring and trapping can increase your chances at getting food drastically… when done right. Do it wrong and you continue playing the waiting game for quite some time.

How To Overcome The Negative Impact

One of the easiest methods is to use the lightweight easy to carry Emergency Snaring Kit sold here at Snare Trap Survive. The kit features 14 survival snares total, support wire, pliers and instructions all packed in a convenient easy to carry pouch ready to go. The emergency snare kit small snares can be used to catch squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, groundhog and if used properly, even game birds. The medium snares are used to catch larger groundhog, small feral pigs while the big game snare is just that. The 7ft camlock snare can take deer, feral hogs, bear and alligator with ease.

Buckshot's Emergency Snare KitsEmergency Snare Kit Contents
6 small game snares
6 medium game snares
2 big game camlock snares
1 Set Pliers






Pouch style may vary, pliers not depicted

So How Does All This Help You?

Lets look at a simple scenario that might requires you to trap your food. It is Friday night snow is moving in, forecast is for heavy snowfall and people begin to rush the stores. You get a late start and once you arrive at the store you find everything is nearly gone. You gather what you can and head home hoping its not that bad. Saturday morning around 2am forecaster make a shocking announcement. Instead of the 6 inches of snow you expected, you now are forecast to see a 14 inch snowfall followed by ice and freezing rain.

Snow hits heavy in your region knocking out power and stopping roadway traffic dead in its tracks. Monday rolls around and still no sign of weather breaking, in fact you hear there is another round of snow coming in. Monday night your town is hit with an additional 4 inches of snowfall. You now realize that the two gallons of milk, 3 dozen eggs are not going to last. The food in the refrigerator is going to go bad soon and you cant get out to buy more even if it were in stock. But wait, you have the Emergency snaring kit and purchased two conibear 110 traps to go with it. With your survival snares on hand, you are going to eat tonight.  Later that night when checking your snares and traps you find two nice cottontail rabbit and a raccoon. More than enough food for the next 3-4 days.

Imagine if the above event lasted for weeks. What if you are hit by a major storm, what if there is civil unrest and you can’t get to town? All of these are things to consider. Imagine the worst case, you are out camping miles from civilization and you get lost. Having the Emergency Snaring kit in your pack could save your life. We have lost this way of life and with it we have lost live saving skills. Knowing how to use survival snares and to trap is crucial to emergency planning and disaster preparedness. These skills can mean the difference between eating well or starving to death during a serious crisis or national emergency.

Want to know more about snaring and trapping? Have a look at Buckshots complete Survival Trapping Guide. and the survival snaring DVD. In upcoming articles we will give you some tips on how to use snares and traps as well as some homemade traps that can save your life. Keep an eye out for our upcoming survival courses where we will teach these skills and more.

~When the SHTF you need to know how to snare, trap and survive”