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Trapping Equipment

Trapping equipment

Trapping equipment at affordable prices. We carry Dukes, Victors, Minnesota, Bridger, Sleepy Creek and more. Trapping for profit, pleasure or if you are wildlife control, we can get you the trapping equipment you need. We specialize in survival trapping techniques as well so feel free to reach out to us at anytime on any of the topics above.

Trapping Equipment Regulations

* Trapping equipment laws vary from state to state so please be sure to check your local laws. Some states prohibit the use of snares smaller than 3/32 diam. for traditional trapping  and restricts the use of 110 body grip traps. It is important to adhere to state and federal laws when trapping, hunting or fishing. We have included a link for you to search your local regulations regarding trapping equipment. Visit Eregulations and click on your state for more info. 

** Any suggestion of “survival use” for snares or traps outside of trapping regulations is given only for “survival purposes” and those devices should not be used in traditional trapping in any manner that may violate state or federal laws.¬†

If there is particular trapping equipment you need but do not see it listed here, please use our contact page and send us an email. In most cases we can acquire the items you need. Our supplier has pretty much everything you will find listed on Minnesota Trapline or F&T. Most of these items we can get at lower prices. Please keep in mind that current shortages has caused some items to become unavailable or on a backlog.