Trapping Snares American Made Quality

Trapping Snares

Trapping snares from Rabbit snares to beaver, fox snares to hog snares we have you covered. All of our trapping snares are made here in America and quality inspected. We pride ourselves in offering quality, dependability and affordability. Hemming trapping Snares are among the best on the market and for good reason. Over 40 years of field experience went into learning the methods of making them. We take our time to ensure each set is a quality product that will meet your needs. no matter the requirement, coyote snares, rabbit snares, fox snares you can rest assure that Hemming Brand trapping snares will fit the need. Check out all of our Trapping Supplies we offer.

Small Game Trapping Snares

Rabbit, Fox, Mink, Muskrat and other small game, these trapping snares are light weight, super fast and affordable. Our small snares are made from 1/16th GAC in either 7×7 or 1×19. Please check local and federal wildlife regulations as some states require deer stops on your snares.

Big Game Trapping Snares

Coyote, Wolf, Hog & Beaver our medium to big game snares are the go to snares for tough jobs. Our big game snares utilize 3/32 GAC in 7×7 or 1×19. We use micro locks, cam locks and berkshires on our big game snares.

Our trapping snares come in 42, 60 and 84 inch however we can cut any length for you. We can make up 1/16 and 3/32 in either 7×7 or 1×19 configuration at any custom length. Contact us to let us know your needs.

About Our Coyote Snares

Our coyote trapping snares or Cam Lock Snares are the best snare around. Don’t just take our word for it, give them a try and you will believe. Made from 3/32 7×7 aircraft cable cut to 84 inches these are beasts. Sure to get the job done on coyote, wolves, feral hog and more. Our Micro Lock snare is also great for coyote, wolf, hog and other large species. The Micro Lock is fast and causes minimal fur damage. Due to its relaxing lock, Its is a choice among trappers who may have stray domestic animals come along the set. We also have a soon to be listed cam lock model that features a loop attached to the cam lock instead of the traditional left or right angle bend. This makes the lock balance center and close much faster. Ask us about them and we can make you up an order.

New to setting Coyote snares? Don’t worry, we are here to help you every step of the way Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and we will answer your questions directly. Coyote snaring is really easy with a little direction. Learning about coyote snare sets can increase your catch rate. Watch for our upcoming tutorial in our survival blog for how to make coyote snare sets and meanwhile check here for how to make a snare. Coyote snaring methods vary and each person has their own preference. If you are new to snaring coyote, fox, beaver etc. then reach out to us. We can help teach you coyote snare making or choose from our premade coyote snares for sale.

Our Rabbit & Beaver Snares

Our Rabbit and Beaver snares come in 1/16 48 inch 7×7 cable with #11 swivel head and micro locks or mini cam locks. Our Fox snares come in 1/16 and 3/32 7×7 cable in varying length as well as mini cam lock snares. Any of these configurations can be used as bobcat snares, beaver snares, mink, fox and so forth, the deciding factor is your personal preference. Speaking of personal preference we can make custom length rabbit snares, fox snare or Bobcat snares for you upon request as well. You can also use the custom price quote on the product page.