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Trapping is a heritage, a tradition, way of life and a pride for many Americans. For centuries the art of trapping provided clothing, food and a means of income for hundreds of thousands of people. Trapping supplies are critical to this way of life and knowing which ones to get is even more critical. We are here to help you find your trapping supplies you need at an affordable price. We are among the most affordable trapping supply stores on the market so give us a try today and you will be glad you did.

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Trapping As a Survival Tool

Trapping also serves the survivalist and prepper. Being able to obtain food during an emergency is critical. Did you know that about 80% of the population have no idea how to trap for food? Nearly 60% of all Americans are not prepared. Trapping is a dying art and a lost survival tactic. STS and Hemming Outdoors is on a mission to educate as many young Americans as possible about trapping and rekindle a lost art, a way of life and offer one of the most basic but most critical survival tools available. Check out or affordable trapping supplies and add some crucial tools to your survival pack today.


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