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Duke 110 Body Grip Traps

The best trap you will ever find for small game. This trap serves not only trappers but survivalists as well. Light, easy to carry, easy to use and they are affordable. This trap has become insanely popular over the last decade. For squirrel, rabbit, mink, small game birds and other small critters.
4 ½” X 4 ½” jaw spread
Weighs just over 1 lb

110 Body Grip Trap Questions

The 110 trap is used most for squirrel, rabbit, mink, weasel and muskrat. For survival purposes these can take all of the above plus game birds such as pheasant, grouse, turkey, duck and geese. We have also used these to catch catfish.
The 110 trap is set by squeezing the spring arm closed which allows the trap jaws to open. You can also use the trap setter tool for an easier method. Detailed instructions coming soon.
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The Duke 110 body grip trap is one of the best survival traps on the market. Easily take rabbit, squirrel, small game birds and more. This trap is a must have for the survivalist and profit trapper as well. Duke Body Grip Traps have rotating jaws used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals. The body grip trap was developed in the 1950’s and its popularity has increased steadily due to it effectiveness and ease of use.

They fit easily into a survival pack, cost very little and provide amazing results. These traps are even capable of taking small game birds. Most people don’t realize that they will take fish as well. Yes you read that right, fish.. simply place the bait on the trigger (dog), tie on a rope, lower it into the water and when the fish bumps the trigger, you have dinner. Duke body grip traps are the survivalists best friend.

4 ½” X 4 ½” jaw spread
Weighs just over 1 lb

Target Species: Squirrel, rabbit, mink, muskrat, weasel
The following species are listed for survival purposes only, we do not recommend trapping these species outside of a survival need.
Duck, geese, grouse, pheasant, turkey and even fish.

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